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If you’re concerned about the current national cyber attack, please read our statement and advice below.
We’re liaising closely with the National Crime Agency to keep up-to-date on the current situation both nationally and locally.
Detective Superintendent Craig Dibdin, said: “There are currently no indications that UK policing organisations have been infected with the ransomware. 

“However, we understand that some members of the community may be concerned about any further attacks.  I would urge anyone concerned to read the latest national advice on the National Crime Agency website or Action Fraud.  You can also follow our @HantsPolice and @HCCyberProtect Twitter accounts.
“We will continue to liaise with the NCA to keep on top of the current situation and we have plans in place to deal with any issues should they arise.”
We will continue to support and share the advice from the NCA to help reduce further victims of cybercrime.
Victims of cybercrime should report directly to Action Fraud and are encouraged not to pay the ransom demand.  Reports can be made directly at actionfraud.police.uk or on 0300 123 2040.

The NCA is advising the public and organisations to help reduce the risk of these attacks by:

- Making sure your security software patches are up-to-date.
- Making sure you are running anti-virus software.
- Backing-up your data in multiple locations, including offline.
- Avoiding opening unknown email attachments or clicking on links in spam emails.
More advice can be found here: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ - http://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/ - http://www.ncsc.gov.uk  

This is a message sent via Hampshire Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary
(Please do not reply or forward this email directly; please use the Reply, Share buttons at the bottom of this message)
Message sent by
Phil Rogers (Police, Corporate Communications Officer, Hampshire Corporate Communications)


By following a few simple tips, you can help protect your rural property against burglaries.

These basic measures needn’t cost a lot of money: https://www.hampshire.police.uk/news/general/help-protect-your-rural-property-against-thieves/

Message sent by
John Payne (Police, PCSO, East Ha)

Dear Bob Ayer,

Please be aware that we have had a recent theft of a motorbike from the Steep Marsh area of East Hampshire.

 The motorbike was stolen from a locked garage between Friday 14th April and Tuesday 18th April.  The below picture is the actual bike stolen.

If you saw anything suspicious or have any information that could help us with our enquiries please contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101 or CrimeStoppers, anonoumlsy, on 0800-555111.

Regards, John.
Longmoor Neighbourhood Policing Team 


This is a message sent via Hampshire Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)
(Please do not reply or forward this email directly; please use the Reply, Share buttons at the bottom of this message)
Message sent by
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)


Fraudsters are sending out a high volume of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses, pretending to come from various email addresses, which have been compromised.
The subject line contains the recipient’s name, and the main body of text is as below:
“Hi, [name]!
I am disturbing you for a very serious reason. Although we are not familiar, but I have significant amount of individual info concerning you. The thing is that, most likely mistakenly, the data of your account has been emailed to me. 
For instance, your address is:
[real home address]
I am a law-abiding citizen, so I decided to personal data may have been hacked. I attached the file – [surname].dot that I received, that you could explore what info has become obtainable for scammers. File password is – 2811
Best Wishes,”
The emails include an attachment – a ‘.dot’ file usually titled with the recipient’s name.

This attachment is thought to contain the Banking Trojan Ursniff/Gozi, hidden within an image in the document. The Ursniff Banking Trojan attempts to obtain sensitive data from victims, such as banking credentials and passwords. The data is subsequently used by criminals for monetary gain.

Protect Yourself:

Having up-to-date virus protection is essential; however it will not always prevent your device(s) from becoming infected.
Please consider the following actions:
  • Don’t click on links or open any attachments you receive in unsolicited emails or SMS messages: Remember that fraudsters can ‘spoof’ an email address to make it look like one used by someone you trust. If you are unsure, check the email header to identify the true source of communication (you can find out how by searching the internet for relevant advice for your email provider).
  • Do not enable macros in downloads; enabling macros will allow Trojan/malware to be installed onto your device.
  • Always install software updates as soon as they become available. Whether you are updating the operating system or an application, the update will often include fixes for critical security vulnerabilities.
  • Create regular backups of your important files to an external hard drive, memory stick or online storage provider. It is important that the device you back up to is not connected to your computer as any malware infection could spread to that as well.
  • If you think your bank details have been compromised, you should contact your bank immediately.

If you have been affected by this or any other fraud, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visit www.actionfraud.police.uk.

This is a message sent via Hampshire Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary
(Please do not reply or forward this email directly; please use the Reply, Share buttons at the bottom of this message)
Message sent by
Tobey Mason (Police, PCSO, East Hampshire District)


There has been a theft from motor vehicle in Love Lane, Petersfield, whereby one male has banged on the living room window and then stood outside of the property looking in at the family inside the property while approximately three other males conducted an untidy search of the unlocked vehicle on the driveway. Luckily on this occasion, nothing was taken from the vehicle. 

One of the males has been seen wearing a black hoody and also wearing a black and white bandana around his face. All in all approximately 4-5 males were involved.

If anyone was in or around the area of Love Lane, Petersfield on the 20th March 2017 between the times of 21:30 - 22:00 and has any information they feel would be useful please contact police on 101 and quote the following reference number; 44170104987

There has been a non dwelling burglary to a private home along Hyden Farm Lane,East Meon between 1st March - 4th March 2017.
Unknown person/s have entered an out building in the grounds and stolen four bicycles
Please if you have any information contact the police on 101 and quote reference 44170082333
Visit the Immobilise website to register any personal property with a serial number that you may have at https://www.immobilise.com/ and Hampshire Constabulary at http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet for  comprehensive advice on crime prevention

Message sent by Almera Toogood (Police, PCSO, East Hampshire District)